Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More soccer pictures

Here are some pictures taken by Ken.
He always takes great pictures.

Last season Ken took a "silly face" picture.
So we keep up with the tradition this year too.
The cheering on after the game letting them know
that they did a great job out on the field.

Charlie in action.

This is my favorite :0)

Thanks Ken for being an awesome brother and uncle.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last Game and Awards 11-15-08

Today was the last game of the season. It was a good one too. Uncle Ken and Grandma came to watch. It was a crisp fall morning and the sun was shining. The boys played a great game of soccer scoring 3 goals. After the game we went to McDonalds for our award ceremony. Coach Macki had medals made for each boy and as he handed them out he had a nice thing to say about each boy on the team.

This is Micah

This is Zach

This is Joshua

This is John Michael

This is Charlie

This is Cutter

This is Eli (he is the coachs son)

This is Isaiah

Eli, John Michael, Micah and Zach

Charlie, Joshua and Isaiah

Jacob and Annie


Nicholas ( Zach's little brother)
Coach Macki was so kind and bought all the kids either a hot fudge sundae, an ice cream cone or a blizzard as their treat. He is such a good coach and we really enjoy having him coach and lead our kids in soccer. Thank you Coach Macki for a fun soccer season and we look forward to the next one already.

Soccer 11-8-08

Today is JR's 30th birthday and he is in San Diego for work. Charlie had his second to last game today. I took a couple pictures for JR to see. They have had a good soccer season. I think that they have won all their games except one. Anyways here are some pictures from the game.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Clubber of the Month

Okay so in Awana every month there are awards given out to the clubbers who do exceptionally well with saying their verses, attendance and all around being a good kid. For the month of October Charlie was chosen from the 3rd & 4th grade boys. And for the 5th & 6th grade boys was Tyler. He was in JR's group last year. A proud moment that I wanted to share with you all.

Charlie and the boys director Mr. Eric

Charlie and Tyler.

Another trip to the zoo (10/26/08)

The sun was shining but there was a nice crispness in the air.
We have been wanting to go to the zoo more often and we took full advantage of the sunny Sunday. We stopped by Panda Express and Subway for lunch. We enjoyed our lunch before going off to see the new stuff in the kid zone. This was also one fun day with daddy before he left for San Diego for 5 weeks. And it sure was a fun day :0)

The kids on the polar bears at the entrance of the zoo

Kenny and Me

This picture was taken by Charlie.
He took a very nice picture.

Sweet Sister and Me

The Boy and Me :0)

Me and my Bubba :0)

Always fun to get pictures of the kids :0)

We thought that this frog looked like a chocolate frog from Harrry Potter.

The Pygmy owl

A fun lizard

The lemurs are always fun to watch.

This tiger was pacing in her en closer cause it was almost feeding time.
She sure was beautiful.

The elephants were waiting patiently to get in for feeding too.

Silly faces ! ? !

The puffer fish.
The kids tried to get him to puff up but they were not successful.

Annie thought that this fish was funny looking. I agree :0)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ali's First Birthday / Costume Party

For my nieces first birthday her parents had a costume party. There were some great costumes. Em was "Wonder Woman". Our friend Jay Powers was Shrek. There was Indianna Jones, Dolly Parton, an M&M and Raggady Ann. It was a very fun party.

As you can see in the picture JR was Diego, I was Dora, Kenny was Boots the monkey, Annie was a killer whale, Jake was a dolphin and Charlie was a dog.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween. We sure did :0)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Here's the latest tag, courtesy of my friend Liz :0)

10 Years Ago I was . . . .

1. Just dating JR
2. Living in my first apartment
3. Working at Cutter & Buck
4. Bought my first new car; Chevy Merto
5. Wore size 10 jeans

5 Things on Today’s To-Do List . . .

1. Take a shower
2. Take Charlie and Annie to school
3. Stop by church
4. Buy fabric to make dresses for Annie
5. Pick up the kids from school

5 Things I would do if I were a Millionaire . . .

1. Build a house
2. Pay off ALL our debt
3. Send ALL the kids to college
4. Give to our church
5. Hire a maid

5 Places I have lived . . .

1. Bremerton, WA
2. Port Orchard, WA
3. Forrest Park Rd.
4. View Park Rd.
5. Cooper Ave SW

5 Jobs I’ve had . . .

1. Bagger @ Stockmarket Foods
2. Returns, Packer & Picker @ Cutter & Buck
3. Cashier & Customer Service @ Wal-Mart
4. Customer Service @ TJMaxx
5. Full Time Mom . . . . the best job ever ! ! ! !

Carving Pumpkins

Sunday October 19th
We decided to carve pumpkins tonight.
So here they are :