Monday, December 20, 2010

Trick -or-Treating and Thanksgiving

The week of Thanksgiving we had snow start falling Sunday night - late. Woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground and still falling. By noon we had a couple inches and I decided to pick up the kids up early from school and not take Kenny to preschool. Then it started to get a little windy and then it got REALLY windy and around 5 pm - with dinner still cooking in the oven - the power went out with a big BANG. Little did we know that this was going to be a taste of what Winter might bring . . . cause remember that it was still Fall and before Thanksgiving. Well it got cold quick in our house. We had a long sleepless night in the boys room trying to keep warm and praying that the trees around our house would stay standing. God kept us safe through the night. We didn't know that our area was the hardest hit by the wind and there were so many trees down. So we gave up on the cold house and stayed with family and stayed warm. They were saying that the power was going to be back on Wednesday night around 8pm. So we headed home around 10 pm to a still dark and freezing cold house. Hung out in the car until about 1 am Thursday and then gave in to needing to sleep laying down. Finally about 5 am on Thanksgiving morning - a Thanksgiving Day miracle - the power came back on. We had nothing to cook and had planned on cooking our own dinner this year BUT with the storm we hadn't done any shopping so we went out for breakfast and then grocery shopping. Ate pizza for dinner and then went to Jeff and Carla's for dessert. We had our Thanksgiving dinner on friday night. We roasted a turkey breast and had turkey sandwiches for dinner. Yum-o ! ! ! ! So that is our story of Thanksgiving 2010. Never to be forgotten. God is so good to us <><

Pumpkin Carving