Monday, February 23, 2009

Date Night # 2

Sunday February 22nd
I have always wanted to see the Harlem Globe Trotters. Now if you know me you'd know that I hate basketball, but I really like the Globe Trotters. For the last couple years we have tried to get tickets to see them, but it never worked out cause of work or kids being sick or not having enough money. Well this time everything worked out for us to go. Bill and Deanna watched our kiddies for us :0) It was such a fun time. JR bought me some Globe Trotter shorts and we bought some wrist bands for the kids too. I look forward to taking the kids sometime when they come back to town.

Valentines Date Night

Friday February 13th
My New Years resolution this year is to have at least one date night a month; but so far I have been on two in January and this was number one of two for this month. JR suprised me for Valentines Day by taking me out to dinner to Anthony's in Bremerton. It was a really nice dinner. I had True Cod and Chips and JR had Mahi Mahi Tacos and a bowl of chowder. It was really yummy food. After dinner we went to Coldstone to get some ice cream to take home and enjoy cause we were stuffed from dinner.

We are in front of the fountain near the ferry dock. There were cool colors in it that made the water look neat.

Bible Quizzing

Saturday Feb. 7th
Charlie participated in Bibli Quizzing for the first time this year.
The kids had to memorize alot of verses from the Bible in about a months time. I was very impressed with how they all did. For their age group in T&T our church took 2nd overall. Such smart kids :0)

(L to R) Charlie, Maddie, Christian and Kateryna

Charlie being Charlie

(L to R) Kateryna, Charlie, Ms. Kelly, Maddie and Christian