Thursday, December 3, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkin Time

Kenny is 4 ! ! ! !

Jacob's first day of Kindergarten

Our Family Pictures

First Day of School - For Charlie and Annie

Charlie is in the 4th grade teacher is Mrs. Hatlestad and Annie is in 2nd grade. It is a 1st/2nd split and Mrs. McConnell-Yohe is her teacher.

Mini Vacation to Seaside Oregon

Jacob can ride his bike now ! ! !

Charlie is 9 ! ! ! !

WOW ! ! Where has the time gone?!? I can remember when he was just born like it was yesterday. Now he is 9 and a wonderful young man. He is caring and sensative. He is athletic and talented. He is a sweet big brother and a loving son. God has such great plans for him. I am proud of him and of the young man he is growing into. We had a fun BBQ with our family and close friends. What a great day to celebrate Charlie :0)

Trip to the Zoo with Grandma Beth

Silly Monkey

Beautiful Tiger

Fun Otter

Gracious Elephant

Colorful Peacock


Feeding the Budgies


I made Annie and her best friend Madison matching dresses for her birthday. She and Annie went to Chuck-E-Cheese with her parents. They are too cute :0)

Annie can ride a bike finally :0)

Dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Weigels

Charlie ate about 8 (small) pieces of watermelon that night

Yummy watermelon ! ! !

Kenny being silly just like his older brothers; Monkey see Monkey do :0)

Toothless Annie eating a carrot

We went over to have a BBQ with Grandma and Grandpa for a much needed outing cause Daddy has been working alot this summer. We had veggies, watermelon and hotdogs for dinner. After we went up to the park to play. Uncle Ben and Cousin River came to eat and play too. After playing hard at the park we came home to eat yummy cookies. Such a fun evening :0)

A new look for Kenny


So escited ! ! !

First cut

Almost done

Finished product

He has been wanting his hair to look like daddy's all summer long and he was over due for a cut. So we gave in and shaved his head. Such a handsome guy. His hair already looks darker. Not as blonde anymore.