Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last Day of School 6-15-09

Annie and Mrs. Jones
The best First grade teacher ever

Mrs. Lund, Mrs. Jones and Annie
Annie was in a co-teaching class this year
Mrs. Lund was the other wonderful teacher in the classroom.

Charlie and Mrs. Taylor
She was the student teacher in his class this year

Charlie and Mrs. Mears
She had 3rd and 4th graders in her class
And she isn't really this short; she was on her knees

Annie's Field Trip to Woodland Park Zoo

I got to go with Annie's class on their field trip this year to the Woodland Park Zoo. I got a fun group of girls to walk around with. They were full of energy and questions. It was very warm day with alot to see. I had alot of fun. Here are are the girls that I was with Felicity, Evelyn, Adiana and Annie.

Annie and I on the bus ride back to the ferry.

Our Vegetable Garden

JR has always wanted to grow veggies. So he did some research online and this is what we did.
It is called square foot gardening. We planted green beans, cilantro (sp), onions, jalapnos (sp), tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, squash and watermelon. They are all out of the ground and growing. We are patiently waiting for them to actually produce fruit and veggies.