Monday, May 18, 2009

Awana Celebration

Jacob finished his last year in Cubbies and is going to be in Sparks next year .
In 2 years of Cubbies he learned about 62 verses from the Bible.

Annie finished her second book in Sparks and has just one more year until she joins Charlie in
T & T. She learned 48 verses between her first 2 books, but she went through each book twice in order to get the review patch for her vest. She also learned all the books of the Bible. Only one more book to go :0)

We are proud of Charlie cause he finished his first book in T & T this year.
In his first book he had to memorize 67 verses. If you think about it he has memorized more than that cause was his 5th year in Awana. He has memorized so much and has much more to learn.

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