Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weekend with JR

JR got sent down to San Diego on the 3rd of Nov. and would be there until the 8th of Dec. He would miss Thanksgiving with the family. And he would also miss our anniversary too; which was on Thanksgiving this year. We celebrated 9 years this year. The day after Thanksgiving I got to fly down and celebrate our anniversay with JR. I was there from Friday night to Monday early afternoon. He worked Friday night and Saturday night but got off early. He didn't have to go into work on Sunday so we headed north to Disneyland for the day. And what a fun day it was :0)
We started out by going to California Adventure. We went and watched Muppets in 3D. So cool. After that we went to see Monsters Inc. and then we went to the Bugs Life show. Now that was kinda weird but still cool. We walked around Paradise Pier and found something to eat for lunch. After lunch we went and had our characture done. It turned out really good; we think :0) Before we left that park we found some prizes for our kids.
Before we headed into Disneyland we took our treasures back to the car so we could go on rides. We went on the Matterhorn (my first time), Star Tours, Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Carribean. It was such a fun day and to see it all decorated for Christmas made it more beautiful. This was my second time to Disneyland. We stayed and watched the fireworks and the finale . . . . the snow.
Now that was so neat :0) It was a very long day.
Here are some of the things we did and saw :

Before we started our fun day

Me and Minnie Mouse


Mickey Mouse

If you look closely you can kinda see the snow

Look I am taller than Mickey

It's a Small World all lit up and looking magical

Snow White's Castle

JR's livingroom

The pool

The view from the livingroom

My pretty flowers from JR

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Liz & Charlie said...

Congratulations on celebrating your 9th Anniversary together!! How exciting!! Cute pics. and glad you had so much fun!