Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kenny's 3rd Birthday

Sunday Sept. 28th
So Kenny is now 3 yrs. old. We or shall I say I decided to have a Backyardigans themed party. Decorations and all. His favorite character is Pablo. A blue penguin. If you don't know who the Backyardigans are they are on Nick Jr. All their houses share one backyard and they use their imaginations to go fun places and sing songs all in their backyard. It's a cute show and all the kids love watching it. So in short we had a Pablo party for Kenny.
He got alot of Pablo things. Everyone was here; Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Joe, Grandma and Grampa Gatlin, Auntie Em, Uncle Ken and his girlfriend Chelsey, Uncle Bill and Aunt D and baby Ali, Auntie Em, Carla, Alex, William and Jordan. Uncle Jeff had to work :0( Oh well it was a fun party. Thank you for all coming and helping celebrate Kenny.

Mom and Kenny before all the family arrived.

Kenny and his Pablo balloon.

It's just about the same size as him :0)

Kenny and his "Pablo Hat" cupcake cake.

It was very yummy.

All these presents for one cute kid :0)

Opening presents.
A microphone that echos from mom and dad.
This is one of his favorite toys.

Opening more presents.

Making a wish.

Kenny with his brothers and sister.
I love the face Jacob is making here.

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